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Hi, there! My name is Sofia, and i love to draw c: Welcome! ^__^
p.s.: sorry, guys my English is worse than it could be..(

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Production DesignAkira (1988)

As I originally developed [Akira], I used each issue to build more depth and size into this mammoth city [Neo-Tokyo]. I kept trying to achieve this by creating a variety of situations to stage the graphic storytelling. But with film you get to combine all this into one and I think that it is much more convincing on film than in a serialized comic strip. - director Katsuhiro Otomo; P.D. by Hiroshi Ohno, Yuji Ikehata and Kazuo Ebisawa

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In this Field of dreams
Gazing at the infinite possibilities 
The future twinkles
With dazzlingly wonders

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MY FUCKING GOD I swear these colors are like porn to me!!! Just an eyegasm!!!

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I will keep you from all harm


I will keep you from all harm

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Anonymous: do you have any tips on drawing thumbs? proportion/position to the rest of the hand, etc


For proportions I find that the thumb lines up around the middle and a little higher of the first finger bit on your index finger. Draw an arch to double check things are the right length!

Your middle finger is pretty much the same size as your palm, which should help you keep things in proportion.

the hand is also around the same size as your face!

as for drawing the thumb itself, it’s made of three parts. The first part connects into the palm, and is like a big fleshy trapezium

and then the other two bits are just like two lil cubes, but the top one is rounded off

hopefully that helps!!